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Tips for a Successful Detox

Try to do at least one of the following per day if possible. These practices will help promote cleansing and release of toxins throughout your detox, which will take the load of the liver: 1. Exfoliating your skin with a dry brush before taking a shower. Start low at feet and move up the body toward the heart. 2. Bath Time- Epsom salt essential oil bath- soak for at least 20 minute. To enhance relaxation as you detox, consider buying some essential oils from Modere to add to your bathwater or use for massage. Incredibly calming, Lavender oil may be especially helpful for those suffering from caffeine-withdrawal-related headaches. My absolute favourite to add to my bath is Modere's De- Stress. I also use this as a perfume as all perfume is hormone disruptive and definitely not to be used on your detox. If you’re really keen to do the detox properly and haven’t started on our nontoxic personal care products then also order our bathroom kit. One of the main ways we put toxins in our bodies is through our personal care products so please minimise your exposure to chemicals at home lurking in places like your bathroom in your toothpaste, shampoos, makeup, hairspray etc. You can stop this daily exposure to harmful chemicals overnight by swapping to safe and clean Modere live clean Collection. Remember Dr Samuel Epstein who is one of the world’s leading toxicologist and founder of the Cancer Prevention coalition said the average women exposes herself to approximately 108 toxic chemicals before she leaves her bathroom in the morning. 3. Massage 4. Walk a minimum of 1/2 hour a day. I recommend you do 1 hour early in the morning or at least while your fasting so before noon/lunch for the ultimate benefit. However whenever and however you fit your walking in as long as you get it in. 5.Infrared Sauna

Yours in health, Maria Lucey, Nutritionist and Health coach 0438 112 050

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