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Our 2020 Secret Weapon

Happy Holiday's from all of our here at Higher Health. We hope you enjoyed some form of break over the Christmas and New Year period. Like myself, I'm sure many of you indulged in something fun, perhaps a little too much food or alcohol. If that is the case, don't beat yourself up! Now is the time to get your New Years Health Resolutions in order. What's your 2020 vision, what are your goals for your health this year? My biggest question to you is how can I here at Higher Health assist you more in reaching those goals for 2020? I myself had a pretty hard 2019, as many of you probably know I had to take some time off work. My two big goals for 2020 are to detox more and drink less. And that is why I am sharing my first secret health weapon for the year. What if I told you, you could turn your vitamins into a delicious and refreshing Mocktail?? Alcohol can be problematic as many use it as a form of connection without realising the impact on their gut health and liver. Or maybe they do but would rather enjoy the moment with their friends and family. You know that our motto here at Higher Health is it is okay to indulge in something unhealthy occasionally, as long as we counteract this with proactive health steps afterwards. It is not what we do occasionally that harms our health, but our daily habits, we need to ensure these are on track to keeping us healthy and strong. However, with our healthy Mocktails, you can create something that looks fun, tastes great, and allows you to sit down and connect with family and friends while nourishing your insides - alcohol free -. This means cutting out the work afterwards.

Links for ingredients for those with their own customer shopping cart: Aloe: Energy Shot: Mineral Essentials: Send me your photos and recipes of your creations this summer! I'd love to share some of these with others in our community here at Higher Health.

Below is a creation from a client who tried the Cosmpoliton recipe given above. To add their own twist, the opted for normal mineral water instead of orange flavoured. To substitute they added fresh orange and lime, finished with an energy shot. Looks amazing!!

Part of my New Years resolution is to have more opportunities to engage with you and your health in 2020 here at Higher Health. To start this off, look out for our upcoming 4 week detox. You can use these Mocktail recipes throughout the detox to support you in staying alcohol free. Keep and eye out for more details. We will also be putting on more health retreats and seminars, more details to follow, with lots of great topics and guests this year there is bound to be something for everyone. For more information or If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. I can't wait to share knowledge and grow together with you in another year of health and wellness. Yours In Health, Maria Lucey x

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